Larry Frazin: A Veteran Name in the Music Industry

Larry Frazin is a veteran music industry executive with presidential expertise at various record labels. After beginning his career with eight years at the leading record promotion and marketing firm, MusicVision, Larry Frazin founded his own record promotion and marketing firm, Platinum Music.  The company became the nation’s largest for the next twenty years.

Alternatively, Larry Frazin, formed Platinum Management, and managed musicians who gained international success, such as Paula Abdul and No Doubt. He has worked with other artists and songwriters throughout his career as President of 143/Warner Records, sharing in the success of Josh Groban, and The Corrs.  Larry Frazin is known as a music business professional who been a part of superstar artist campaigns that sell millions of albums, climb the charts, and earn recognition.

Larry Frazin began his extensive music industry career with a background in artist promotion and marketing.  He added artist management to his resume. Frazin was appointed president of 143 Records by fourteen-time Grammy super producer David Foster to run his Warner Records joint venture.

As he has managed many acts that have received global attention and acclaim, Larry Frazin has become known as a successful veteran of the industry. Artists he has guided have made appearances on the MTV Awards, the Grammys, and many more.

Larry Frazin is also recognized for founding the one of first mobile agency for artists, giving acts the opportunity to connect with their fans via mobile devices and wireless carries.
It is estimated that this endeavour, Nomadic Artists Group, is responsible for more than 3 million mobile downloads.